One of our lovely twitter followers (@liedra) offered to review Crafty Burger at St Martins for us. Which is really lovely of her. And shows that we engage with our audiences, which makes us bloody awesome. I think there are some jokes which mainly academia would understand, but hey ho. Here’s what she wrote:

Burgers are the latest hipster gourmet craft thing in food. Leicester has seen a couple of gourmet burger shops arrive in the last few months, and one caught this guest reviewer’s eye – a popup at St Martin’s Coffee shop called Crafty Burger. As I’m married to an American, I’ve had the opportunity to eat at some of the best burger places in the US, my favourite of which is the venerable Shake Shack in Madison Square Garden. We’ve tried burgers in the UK, many of which are pretty good, but have always wanted that American Burger Experience™ again, but without the need for a flight, because that’s a bloody expensive burger.
So we booked up for us and some friends (and the staff at St M’s were eager to please as usual, despite our inability to book for 8 they put our two 4 tables together and voila!) and sampled the fare.

I’m an academic so I like to do these sorts of things with a bit of academic rigour. Our sample size was 7 (one opted out, under my incredibly overthought informed consent ethical requirements), including an Australian (myself), 3 Brits, 2 Canadians, and an American. We had the Farmyard Jam, the Vegetarian, and the El Gordo burgers (though I can’t quite remember who had which). We came, we ate, we drank some beer (and some non-beer) and we went to enjoy our 10% discount at the gelato place around the corner. The lovely people there had no idea we were going to come and review their burgers so they didn’t put on any extra excitement for us (we think).

But I bet you’re wondering what it was like and whether you should go and book a place right now (spoilers: yes!). This is very qualitative, so don’t expect any fancy schmancy graphs and statistics but instead a Rich Data Set That Delves Deep Into The Data.

I asked each participant for the words they associated with each of the aspects of their burger: bread, mouthfeel, sauces, flavour, meat/mushrooms, fries. I also asked for general comments and what could have been improved. Here are the raw results:

Good, soft, fresh, a bit slimy [Researcher’s Note: this is odd to me, maybe some liquid got on it or something?], held the burger together.

Mouthfeel: happiness, satisfying

Sauces: alright, complementary, didn’t taste much, not a fan of Mayo but didn’t taste it, not obvious (but you don’t want them to be)

Flavour: nice, not very bacony [RN: Farmyard Jam burger], impressive, cheesy (right amount), veggie burger not mushy (impressive), delicious

Meat/Mushies: hefty (mushies), thick, nice and pink [RN: one participant didn’t like the pink-ness of their burger! I would like to step in here and say that this participant doesn’t know the delicious value of pink beef!], tender, cooked

Fries: [RN: these received lots of thumbs up], like what chips are supposed to be like, goood [RN: I was specified to put 3 O’s there], lots of general praise.

Other comments:
Best veggie burger ever
Best burger in England (according to the non-Brits)
Lives up to North American standard
Could eat another one
Really filling and hit the spot
Service fast and accommodating and friendly
Discount for gelato!

What could be improved:
More cheese on veggie burger
More bacon in bacon jam (or skip the jam – put bacon on!)
Music a little too loud
Would have liked cutlery
Would have liked an option for well done [RN: heathen!]

The average score across the 7 participants was 9/10, with only the heathen well-done-meat-requirer giving lower!

So, as you can tell, the burgers are very good, North-American-Approved™ and basically you should all go and eat there so they stay and don’t go away when their pop-up time is over. Please. If only so my partner and I can enjoy Real Burgers now and then. (Actually we went back again later and took more Americans who had been pining for Real Burgers and they would like it to stay as well, saying it was worth the drive from Chester alone. So yeah, definitely North-American-Approved™.)

Crafty is open for a couple more weekends on Thurs, Fri & Sat nights. Book in via their Facebook page!

Location: City Centre, St Martins Square