We Leicester folk are weirdly too proud of being able to boast residence to one of the countries historically fattest people, Daniel Lambert. There’s an homage to him at Newark Houses Museum, a pub on Goodwood Road (even though it’s closed down) and the playground bully phrase of calling someone Daniel Lambert if they’re festively plump. Less proud of the last one, I used to get called it by a bigger and strong crowd at school on account of me being skinny, they were surprisingly fans of irony. Now I actually do have an embarrassing pot beer belly, who’s laughing now?! Jokes on them… I digress, back to the pride of Leicester.

We should also be too proud of the talent DMU is attracting and developing, it’s on display at the DMU degree show once a year and you need to see it. The show happens around the middle of June and is a show piece section of days of some bloody brilliant and scarily well crafted work from undergrad students’ final degree projects. The best way to get a quick look from some of the stuff from this year is to check out the brochureTwitter or spider round the links on the website to see more.

There’s lots of pomp during the opening evening of the show for family and friends – prosecco, little beers and wine servings vary between the different departments. Our fave was the glamour of the footwear section this year, that was buzzing. However, the staggering quality throughout the degree show will surely mean that the graduates will go on to work for or become household names. Look out for them all, we’re only too proud at LINS towers of the work being done by students at DMU.

Location: DMU, mid-June