And of the 8th day, God said, let the people eat bread. And let it be a flat-ish bread what is fresh made by hands and in ovens which are formed from what I made man from. That which be clay. And in the clay man shall haveth plain, butter, garlic and also a peshwari naan for the man who liketh the coconut and whatever elseth the naan makers put upon the peshwari naan.

And all shall be merry and eat naan with their home made currys. For Rick Stein is his name who gaveth us recipes for curries but not the clay ovens with which to maketh the naan. Ye, for one measly pound, the naan-makers shall giveth us Leicester followers, naan, several of them.

Umm, yeh, fresh made delicious naan. Sometimes untrusted places, but we’ve been and its tops. Plus it’s got a 5/5 food hygiene rating for those that way concerned.

Location: St James Street, City Centre