Trees! Ha! We aren’t clutching at straws, seriously. Some shit is just fucking impressive and Giant American Redwood trees are damn fucking impressive. Plus, it’s nice for us to post stuff about family friendly activities what people can do around Leicester. Though don’t quote us in front of your kids when describing the trees.

Or maybe do. My parents never swore in front of me and I’ve rebelled by writing a blog with swears in the title and uttering more c-bombs in an average night of conversation than the number of cunts that can be found on a Saturday night Belvoir Street. So there, mum and dad. You should have sworn in front of me.

The Giant American Redwood trees in the county are about 25-40 metres which is bloody massive. The space centre tower is 42m so that helps you size up the specimens in your head. They are worth driving round Leicestshire to go and see. Or make sure they’re part of the stopping landmarks on a bike ride or trip somewhere.

Here’s where to go:

  • Pine Tree Avenue. There’s a load here. Don’t stress that it’s on a road, still nice to walk around and kids will still be amazed as you should be too. Easily within the city too.
  • Botanic Gardens. They have two and the gardens are nice also. The main one has an impressive girth to walk around. Both beautiful trees.
  • Glenfield Hospital Grounds. They’ve got a nice selection. Covers the other side of the city for your ease and convenience.
  • Kilworth House Hotel. This is down south in the county a bit near Harborough. The trees are just as you enter the drive, which is useful because then you don’t need to poke around asking permission to look at them. Just park up.

Seeking out the giant American redwoods in Leicester has definitely been one of my favourite ever things to do in event months. They’re fascinating and have an amazing history. Try punching them too, the bark is soft and spongy and can be two foot thick on some wider trees, which is bloody amaaaazzziiinngggg! Our favourite word this post (after our rebellious swear words, obvs).