Ok, sorry we’ve been away for a while. In the words of Adele, we’re sorry it took so long, but you know, life happened.

We haven’t got a highly anticipated album for you, sorry again, but what we DO have is a post about the most hip-happening night that takes place in Leicester regularly called House of Verse.

We discovered House of Verse around a year ago, when the 4 or so hour show consisted of dramatic readings of children’s books, rapping and lovely poetry.

Over the past year it’s grown massively, so now there’s loads of stuff. Spoken word, comedy, music…you name it, it has it.

Anyway, there’s a big event on tonight and you should all come. Otherwise you’re, you know, squares.

Just kidding. You’re probably more oblong shaped. What do we know?! We’re just a blog.

Location: The Music Cafe, from 7pm to 4am

Click here to see the line up

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