As a very sporadic/crap knitter, I’m unsure whether I have the authority to review this shop. But whatever, I’m going to do it anyway.

I got a Groupon voucher for a beginners’ knitting workshop here. It was a pretty cool. I’d had a bit of a head start as I’d already taught myself to knit off Youtube, but this way you got to have people showing you how to correct your errors and included was a voucher with which you could purchase some wool and needles. The head start made me feel superior because although I was still shockingly bad I was probably slightly better than the others. Don’t pretend that wouldn’t make you feel good in some horrible way. It was also just nice to speak to some different people who I wouldn’t normally meet who shared with me an interest in knitting and little, to no, patience.

Since I went to this knitting workshop I have knitted one and a half scarfs. That’s all I can manage. But that’s still one and a half more scarfs than I could knit before. And I think it’s this shop that can answer for the knitted bollard covers around the Queens Road area at the moment. They’re kind of whacky. I like whacky.