In Year 9 I did a project on Japan in Geography and I got a level 7. On the front cover I drew a map of Japan I traced from a book in the library and labelled all the best city names: Fukuchiyama is the only one I remember. Me and the boys thought we could say Fukuchiyama every third sentence and get away with it without being told off. This was not true. ‘But I’m just learning the places in Japan Sir!’ still gets you slaughtered at my old school. Fuckers. Who’s swearing and laughing now?! Me!

Any road, this clearly makes me an expert on everything Japanese. So you can take this on good authority. Kuru Kuru Sushi is the Japanese bees knees.

The chef is an absolute bloody expert, prices are low, cheaper than competitors and it’s a cute little place to seat yourself in for a bite if you’re not taking out. Get the mixed Sashimi, it’s a marvel. If you remember some city names from Japan you can also chat all city knowledgeable like and snigger inside your mind as you swear your way through some Salmon rolls and self-boosting conversation on the geography of the super 4 island geeko wonder world of Japan. Get there now and take a memorised Japan atlas. Eat sushi. Be overjoyed.

Location: Welford Road, City Centre end opposite the old New Walk council buildings.