They’re a charity and a shop. Which makes them a charity shop(s) – plural because there’s bloody loads of them! Some Loros charity shops have different themes. I like the bookshop on Queens Road and the furniture  shop on Uppingham Road – both in Leicester. The furniture specialist Loros have shed loads of bargains and I’ve picked up a hipster stylish vintage armchair from there. I reckon I can get a Fair Isle knit from the mens store in Wigston and maybe some horn-rimmed glasses and be a real hipster wanker. Somehow this has turned into slating hipsters. Umm, back to the shops.

Shopping at Loros raises money for the Loros hospice charity. They do outstanding work and are well worth supporting. So here’s the top 5 Loros stores to check out.

1. Uppingham Road – furniture. One off pieces and wonderfully kitschy stuff sometimes. As well as the odd useful kitchen bit.

2. Queens Road – bookshop. All types of books funnily enough. Again, unique and rare finds.

3. High Street – regular charity shop. Mixture of stuff and bulked out gifts section of new stuff. Good because it’s a convenient stop by.

4. Uppingham (in Uppingham – sort of Rutland way). This is a nice store because it’s in picturesque Uppingham and one of the cheaper shops to be in after a morning indulging in expensive coffees in Uppingham town.

5. Narborough Road – vinyl record specialist. Specialise in vinyl records. Also other stuff – I bought a mixing bowl from there for £2.50 which I reckon would have cost a fortune brand new.

List of shops here: