When I was a teenager, Leonardo DiCaprio was hot property and everyone proper loved him. The Beach was a bit of a crap film but he looked amazing in it and it’s sort of the look I imagine I achieve myself when I visit Markfield Quarry. Well carved pecs and a sensitive but piercing gaze aside.

I reckon Markfield Quarry is a bit like the lagoon style place in the beach. The water is aqua blue and glints with sparkles of sunlight at the right part of the summer day. With some clever camera filter work and an All Saints cassette, one could probably recreate a lot of the film during a visit; except the weird computer game bits of The Beach, but let’s face it, those were a bit shit anyway.

There’s some elements of danger to be added to any budding film production by virtue of the 30ft drop down to the water. You’ll need to meander down some unmade paths Indiana Jones through the jungle style to get to the water otherwise. Getting into the grounds requires either ladders/tool kits or a friend who thinks they’re the modern day MacGyver (sans the curiously hot librarian fancy) who can invent their way in with minimum tools (you know who you are if you’re reading). Added danger comes from the risk of your car being left obviously unattended and therefore a crime target if you leave it somewhere nearer the quarry and secluded.

Winter isn’t the best time to go, opt instead for the hotter of the temperate seasons. Lots of film opportunities are highlighted above, so take a print of this with you. Or a modern day iDevice.

Location: near Markfield, maps required.