Regular readers will know that we love a pun. In fact, we’ve previously written up a place on account of a good pun in the title of the shop. This post is about Mod for It on Loseby Lane and because that’s a pun, it’s a good excuse to let my head continue to leak onto social media and inform you, our readers, about my favourite intentional and unintentional pun shop names in Leicester:

  • Currant Affairs – Loseby Lane, vegan and health foods.
  • Oh My Cod – Hamilton, Fish and Chips
  • Cream Dreams (Hahahahahah! What were they thinking?!) – Granby St, milkshakes
  • Well Fit Tailors (personal fave) – Melton Road, Tailors
  • Suit Yourself – Belvoir Street, Tailoring
  • Big Wang Restaurant – Welford Road, as suggested by @jbenedictbrown  

Mod for It sell Mod fashion clothing and other bits. They’re nice folks and sell some really marvellously fucking awesome clothes. Naturally, they play good quality music so the shopping experience there also has that bonus element. Go have a nose and fashionable head bop at their tunes at your earliest convenience.

Location : Loseby Lane, City Centre