This has been slow to appear on leicesteritsnotshit, but that’s partly because it’s an obvious place to go and check out. It’s a much better cinema and venue than it was 3 years back; it’s gone from being a vapid sterile block to a much more inviting experience. It started up with some gimmicky inclusions and has now figured out what it’s good at and what people want. When it opened they had tables with interactive screens in them which were shit and didn’t work. The walls on one side of the building were installed to connect huge amounts of screens (that’s all the silver holes in the wall along the back of the cafe and foyer) – this is a largely pointless feature again budgeted for as being a great idea to start with but now not used to its full capacity, and rightly not used in that way.

Phoenix have focused on getting the films, experience and other events at the cinema right – basically responding to audiences. And it’s a lovely place for it. I like the little festivals and runs of films Phoenix has on throughout the year. The documentary film fest is strong, bringing in the comedy festival works really well and screenings of classics alongside newer releases is a welcome treat. It helps that tonight I watched Kill Your Darlings at Phoenix after a lovely meal and have come back utterly enchanted by the film and evening generally (had some mussels at James’ Bistro too). They always have a good selection of enchanting and lovely films so you yourself can enjoy an enchanting night with some lovely local food and reflective cinema. Go!

Location: Cultural Quarter, City Centre