Being the dirty feckers we are, we have dedicated this entire post to innuendo and Prettiez. The shop down an alley way on Queens Road; It being down an alley way is our tenuous link for the childish and frankly moronic contextualisation of the post. We can only apologise.

Here are some good things you can buy at Prettiez. Each with a capitalised word which could be used in some sort of low wit innuendo:

  • WOODen mushrooms. They’re sculptures of mushrooms, pretty fucking cool actually.
  • Decoupage HEADs. I think you place jewellery on them.
  • fRAM(M)ED prints. Forced innuendo word there, this is naughty post contextualisation is HARDer than it looks.
  • incense stDICKS. Massive selection of these. Cheaply priced. Very nice and new age. Genuinely bought some.
  • ear RINGs. They have a load of these, with crystals, feathers and all sorts of pretty things on. I have no piercings meselfs, but they looked top notch ear wear.

And that’s our post on the shop down a back alley on Queens Road what is nice and friendly and independent and sells hippie stuff. That’s all you basically needed to know. We could have managed to say this without churlish gags linked to the carnal act of buggery and our usual expected bastardisation of the entire act of reviewing places, but for some reason we still have many many readers who like this. Shame on you all Leicester.

Location: Queens Road, Leicester