Everyone loves the warm fuzzy feeling of children of the 80s nostalgia. The Retro Computer Museum have got bloody oodles of fuzzy graphics and nostalgic warmth exuding from the 50+ games consoles you can play on. And nothing but warmth from the volunteers running the place. The only thing they’re missing for the ultimate 1990s throwback is sherbert dib dabs, 13p crisps and Cilla on the telly.

I thought £5.50 for an adult entrance was steep before going, but that’s definitely not the case. I’m not a gaming fan and own only an N64 gathering dust somewhere amidst my cupboard of crap; I was at the museum for a little over 2 hours and could have spent hours and hours there playing on the consoles. I even had a go on a 3D Virtual Reality thingy with a headset you put on. Crap explanation, but it had the expected and appropriate cool futuristic font and company name (W Industries Ltd) sounding like the real world alternative to Skynet.

The Retro Computer Museum is my favourite recent find. Really overwhelmingly impressed with the place. Make it a day out with mates or family and you will not be disappointed and book in advance to ensure you catch them, the odd Sunday they are away doing a show. The place is rammed with games consoles, all different, with squillions of games and a load of really rare and interesting consoles. And yeah, you can have a go on all of it. Bloody well go!

Location: Troon Business Centre
Website: www.retrocomputermuseum.co.uk