I’ve somehow been reading Cosmo magazine and have realised that people like asserting life decisions using the multiple choice quiz format. Work through the quiz below to help you decide whether or not you need Rossa’s Donuts in your life.

1. Do you ever go into Leicester City Centre?
A – “No, I am lost in life with nothing worth sticking about for.”
B – “Sometimes, I like to go to everytown High Street shops which shovel the same shit to every sod in the land.”
C – “Yes, course mate, I’m all over Humberstone/Gallowtree (delete as applicable) Gate.”

2. Do you like eating nice fresh locally made food?
A – “No, I have no palette for anything other than cardboard Maccy D chips.”
B – “Sometimes, is that the stuff they show as being British in the Supermarket adverts with that wanker TV chef? Yeh, I suppose I do”
C – “Yes, my thymes is heavy and I like organic veggy” (It doesn’t make complete sense, but just go with it for now…)

3. Are you happy to depart with 42 pennies for a warming sugary snack?
A – “No, I only have 31 pence.”
B – “Maybe, I’m multiple choice quiz format half-way response though so I have to say that even with an easily answerable question like that.”
C – “Forty-two pennies?! Here, take 190 and I’ll have 5 of them hunnies.”

Now count up your responses.

If you answered mostly As… re-assess your life. Read this website. Visit everywhere. Feel enriched and then send me money. Then I’ll buy donuts.

If you answered mostly Bs… stop sitting on the bloody fence! Get some local donut grub in your belly.

If you answered mostly Cs… mate, your rhymes are dope, I wish I could rhyme like you (told you the slightly forced misfitting rhyming was going somewhere, now go back and re-read to appreciate the lyrical genius)! And you have excellent taste in hot city centre on the move snacks (Rossas Donuts). Good on you.

Location: Cheapside, City Centre