In previous Leicester it’s not shit installments, I’ve disclosed that my dad hasn’t liked the place being reviewed (see Chennai Dosa). In large news flash and sensationalist journalist style, shock(!), this is a place we agree on. And the old man and I don’t agree on a lot of things: milk first vs. milk after brewing; The Clarendon vs. Craddock Arms; most referee decisions; mature cheddar vs. Edam; Jacko vs Prince (Prince won); how much of a prick David Cameron is (though we’re close in estimations on that one).

Saray Mangal do barbecue Anatolian (Turkish) food and a lot more alongside it. Technically, the meat skewers and the like are kebabs. Kebabs are seen to be a bit iffy by most people in modern Britain given the modern popular history and general dodgyness of the usually dispensed at 3am kebab. The ones served are Saray are a far throw from that – the chef takes immaculate care of the food and customers. The meat is actually scarily mouthwatering given that I’m a veggie enthusiast. On topic of the veggie food, that’s fucking beautiful too, think Mediterranean salads, houmous, falafel and the sort. Really tasty fresh food that makes you feel good. There’s nothing on the menu I don’t think I would chomp down in an excited and enjoyable hurry. Definitely try it out. And book in advance otherwise you’ll struggle for a table.

Above all, my dad recommends them and he’s not as big and strong as your dad so it’ll be nice if someone listened to him.

Location: Highfield Street, off London Road. Walkable from town.