This shop was in St Martin’s Square, but now it’s in the Highcross. I’m unsure how I feel about this, but I do really love this shop. It is for people who love…stuff. Useless things mainly. And pretty stationery. If you would like to purchase a mug which says ‘I <3 my penis’ on it then this is the place to go! I don’t even have a penis!

They also sell more sensible things like wrapping paper, watches, jewellery and cards. And cake holders and little dolls which have good luck messages inside them and books about the Pig of Happiness and coasters where it says ‘I do not give a fuck’ (because you really, really don’t) that you could put your  I <3 my penis mug on and gift bags named Darren and this thing where you use a metallic pen to draw fancy pubic hair patterns on a drawing of a woman’s body and Jedward masks that go on your face so you can pretend to be one of Jedward. Are Jedward still a thing? I hope not.

Location: Highcross, City Centre