I don’t think there’s many cities with as wide a cultural mix as Leicester. A walk through Spinney Hills Park during the weekend is a trophy for the cause for multicultural Britain. Imagine the multi-racial scene from Danny Boyle’s Olympic opening ceremony, it’s like that viewed through a Kaleidoscope doused in the Crayola catalogue for coloured pens. Any road, I digress.

Spinney Hills is good for watching the Indian or Pakistani locals play cricket if you’re into that. Good for a kick-about in the cage if you don’t mind playing playground peace-keeper occasionally when some of the younger ones get cast aside by teenage football politics.

More than anything, if it’s snowing, Spinney Hill Park is both wicked fun and fucking hilarious. Locals will grab hold of just about anything with a surface of more than 50 square centimetres and ‘sled’ down the steep slopes of Spinney Hill Park.

Play the opportune sledding bingo game. First person to spot all three wins:
– person sledding on 1kg Crunchy Nut Cornflakes box
– person sledding on Sainsbury’s Bag for Life
– family sledding on panel from scrapped car

Location: “Highvington” – ie. Evington/Highfields