Actual quote from someone, “Oh my gawwddd, wasn’t Glastonbury so super sick, yah?!”. Eugh, who would want to go Glasto, when you can go Story City? Absolute plebs, that’s who (admittedly, another of the LINS clan did go, but I didn’t, so I’m slating it).

Story City Festival is kicking off in Leicester and it looks like it’s going to be sooo super sick yah. Here’s some reasons that Story City Festival is better than Glastonbury. Also, it’s hip to slate Kanye right now, so we’re going to do that too.

  • It doesn’t cost a gzillion pounds – in fact, it’s pay what you decide. So it can cost whatever you want it to. Kanye raps about being for the people but sells $150 t-shirts, an artist hasn’t been that hypocritical since ‘Jenny from the Block’. (Ignore the tenuous link).
  • The shows are awesome, LINS faves Bang in the Void are actually bigger than Rock and Roll. Their show is on Saturday and has some amazing visual effects; Kanye only has grandiose self-loving statements for effect, “what a deck!”.
  • The hype should also follow Origins on Sunday (out of this world makeup/character design team working on that); Madeline Shann is groundbreaking; High Rise Theatre on Thursday will be fucking fun; Scufflebox on Wednesday is top bloody notch. In fact, the quality of all shows promises to be very high. (Insert your own Kanye slur here).

That’s it. Don’t have to say much more I reckon, the festival buzz will be lots of fun and really friendly so get along to shows early and share some chat with the people about. We’re going so it must be cool. Please go and support!

Ps. Kanye blows. Mark Morrison would fuck Kanye up. Leicester wins.

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