The style of Studio NL is the sort of thing you’d find walking the design conscious and perfectly poised 9 Straatjes of Amsterdam. But it’s here in Leicestershire and it’s like nothing else perhaps in the entire Midlands.

I’m not sure if it’s Dutch (NL?) but it feels European or something – you know, in the way things are well designed and all very clever in Wes Anderson films. Does that make sense? I don’t know.

Any road, Studio NL is actually beautiful. The items inside all complement each other and give the impression that they were all purposely chosen that way. As if the owner cares more about the aesthetic of being in the space over trying to make any money. They sell loads of lovely things though so they can have all my money. Yes. If you know me, then buy me all the things. Thanks.

Location: The Manor, Tur Langton (Leicestershire)