Grab some wellies or dust gathering underused new years resolution running shoes that are never going to get used otherwise and head over to Swithland woods for a breath of fresh air and all round nice place. There’s some car parks along Roecliffe Road and Swithland Road, doesn’t matter which you park in because you’ll probably end up at the other one after a nice walk and have to go back and try and find the place where you started from. That said, it’s bloody lovely. There’s a naturally formed waterpool in the middle behind some gates (which you’re not meant to get down to, but can if it’s not busy for a good bit of water to jump in). Seasonal changes also bring some openings with wild flowers. There’s some walks and things organised by the Bradgate Park trust who maintain the area (whatever the hell that means, what on gods green do they do? do they throw down more mud and sticks in the woods if it’s not looking woody enough?).

Any road, wrap up for the weather, whatever it is, grab a fanny bag with some drinks and enjoy the fucking beautiful outdoors of Swithland Woods. Write a poem maybe whilst you’re there. We’ll retweet any that come our way.

Location: Swithland Woods