Hello good sirs, how d’you do?! What what. Rather. Oh marvellous. What is this, a lunch wine, eugh! That was splendiferous. Jolly good weather. How’s that for a wicket? Darling, could one have a serviette for one’s cucumber sandwich? Oh diddums, I have a spot of dirt of my waistcoat. Poppycock. They’re simply not our class darling. Splendid. What a wonderful chap.

That’s probably the sort of things we said whilst taking on the universal characterised posh person voice¬†at the Leicester Regatta this year. Watching the boat racing is also as fun as speaking in a daft way for 6.5 hours. It’s not actually very posh, it just sounds it in our heads when we hear the word Regatta. It also reminds me of the verse in that song by The Kinks.

Go next year – it’s normally around the end of April. We can remind you on Twitter or Facebook if you follow/like us.

Location: Leicester Rowing Club, Upperton Road. At the end of April.