Until recently, we thought the herb garden near Castle View was something which had to be around because of an old land law requiring the occupants of the 3 cottages on the opposite corner to Newark House were required to maintain. After a bit of digging around, we found out that story is actually about as trustworthy as the world governing body for football.

The Ruth Keene Herb Garden is all manner of beautiful and sits on Castle View – it is upkept and paid for through a charity set up to maintain it, linked to the Trinity Hospital Charities. There’s a romance to the story of the place. Married to Charles Keene (of DMU Chairman in old the olden days fame), Ruth Keene died in 1949 and Charlie had the herb garden put in to remember her by. It’s full of every type of herb imaginable (except for the ‘erb you’re thinking off you ‘orrible lot) – it smells nice, maybe Ruth Keene did too, which is a pretty sentiment to have. It’s also nice to know the old head of DMU wasn’t a corporate bully or prize┬ábell┬álike the current Dominic Shellard, but that’s another story.

Our photo does not do it justice, go and sit there for some chunks of time. It’s really nice and a welcome green space in the city centre. I’ve no idea when it shuts or opens – it seems random at times.

Location: Castle View, City Centre