This occurs every 2/3 months and it’s good. You pay a pound to get in and then there’s lots of stalls of lovely vintage clothes and jewellery and accessories and bits and bobs for you to look at. I’ve got some nice things from here and every time I’ve been I’ve bought at least one thing – these sort of fairs can be hit and miss so I think that’s pretty good going. There’s quite a good range of clothes from lot of different eras. As the use of the name ‘Vintage Fair’ rather than ‘1980s-Castoffs-Only fair’ would imply.

Bring cash as some stalls don’t take card, but if you forget that very simple instruction you do get a stamp so you can leave and come back. Also, there’s not really changing rooms as such so wear things that are easy to try stuff on over/under or…just don’t give a shit and get naked right there in Leicester cathedral. Whatever floats your boat.

Location: Cathedral, City Centre

You can search ‘The Leicester Vintage Fair‘ on Google/Facebook for dates.