Narborough Road isn’t as twee and full of middle class women with scarves as the general Clarendon Park area, and that’s why their 2nd hand stores and vintage-y outlets are a little more worn and a lot less obviously occupied by trendily bespectacled beautiful young people with vintage accessories and existential conversational points. Hipsters, basically.

The lady and gent who run the place are also stalwarts of the local community who pipe up and make a welcome fuss when the local area is threatened by the upheaval of local landmarks and businesses. The dismantling of the Bowstring Bridge was one of the things they campaigned against a helluva lot a few years back. They are super friendly and they knew my granddad which is nice and nostalgic for me!

I also like the place because my brother did some work experience there yonks ago. Which is nice because he likes books and he’s a nice guy. Family connections aside, Tim Drum rotationally stock a wide range of different books by virtue of the fact that a lot of stuff is donated. They also have a comic book collections for those comically inclined.

Location: Narborough Road