Chicken places have a bad rep and the so called ‘dirty chicken’ trade doesn’t get it’s name for no reason. Navigate the places I recommend and you’ll experience the finest in tasty chicken that’s good to eat and always busy (so you know you’re not getting stuff that’s been sitting in the hot cabinet for 3 days).

Yokos and Toros are the same place. The leaflets say Yokos, they answer the phone by saying Toros and the shop signage says one or the other. These fellas make some fucking amazing chicken. It’s not a place for a sit down date, but if you like Nando’s, then Toros blow them out the water. A half chicken freshly grilled, fries and a can of fizzy pop will cost you about 350 pennies.

Location:144 East Park Road, Highfields/Evington (locals can’t decide always on where this falls exactly, or you could adopt the term some locals have cleverly coined, “High-vington”)

Call: 0116 246 0662