Market Street and Pocklington’s Walk is an interesting part of Leicester.

Over the past year or so, many people have said that the area has become a bit deserted and run down, thanks to the concentration of investment around Highcross and the High Street. This hasn’t been helped by the relocation of the City Council offices to Granby Street.

However, the local food community of Leicester and Leicestershire disagrees.

In a year, a pizza place (Peter), a teeny sushi bar (Kuru Kuru Sushi) and Chinese dumpling bar (Zhong Hua Snacks) have opened. Many people across the web and in Leicester have raved about the formers, which are excellent, but today we are going to shine a light on Zhong Hua Snacks.

The cafe/restaurant/casual dining place (I’m not really sure how to define it to be honest) originally started with a branch in Cambridge, and opened a branch in Leicester in November last year.

The menu, which can be browsed on their website, features a range of meat, fish and vegetarian dumplings, as well as Chinese classics such as fried diced pork noodles in a yellow bean sauce and pigs ears, and all for £6.50 or less.

You can get 12 dumplings for £6, and the lovely owner and chef, Richard, will let you mix and match if you fancy some variation. Our recommendations are the fresh prawn and pork and Chinese chive dumplings.

Go when you’re nearby, hungry, on your own or with friends. The food is delicious and an absolute steal.

Location: Pocklingtons Walk, next to Slug and Lettuce